About Us

LemonTime™ Inc. was founded in 1996 by our president, Scotty Johnson. Scotty, age 10, resides with his family in Lemonville, California. Our lemonade is fashioned after an age-old recipe handed down from generation to generation. Great Great Grandma Johnson was the creator of this sweet lemonade.

Great Great Grandma Johnson loved to watch the enjoyment of neighbors and friends when they sipped their first glass of this original recipe.

With her in mind, LemonTime™ was built on the concept of providing a tasty lemonade for everyone to enjoy. At LemonTime™, everyone is considered a neighbor and friend!

Lemonade from this original recipe was originally sold by Scotty at the curb of the Johnson home. With the aggressive ambition found in youth, Scotty started working his lemonade stand at the 1997 Tart County Fair. In 1998, LemonTime™ booths began showing up on street corners of Lemonville. The local grocery store eventually carried the first bottled LemonTime™ Lemonade in late 1998.

In 1999, LemonTime™ launched its Web presence with the use of EZ-Net Tools. LemonTime™ has now expanded to a major company employing 243 workers with distribution channels throughout the United States,Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia. Lemonade Internet sales continue to drive demand for LemonTime™ lemonade.

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